Lake Constance Pilot Cutter (LCPC)

For True Adventurers and Mariners … or those who wish to become them.

Conceived from fresh thoughts and built by hands that were marked by the sea, the LCPC is the ship for sailors who yearn for the pristine and a connection to nature. Deliberately reduced to the bare essentials, this ship wants to take her crew on a cruise away from the mainstream and close to the elements.

Lake Constance Pilot Cutter (LCPC)
Including Thousands of Nautical Miles worth of Experience.

This ship was developed using thousands of nautical miles worth of experience, travelled by myself on the sea. Every solution is tried and tested – not imagined by an office for design, which, while often nice to look at, already becomes a nuisance after the first miles at sea.

The Lake Constance Pilot Cutter is neither vintage nor modern. She combines the classical and modern age. Every detail of this ship – whose proud appearance captivates – is omptimised to make her fast and easy to operate. State-of-the-art Dyneema rigging for the headsails, ball bearing mounted rolling, and cam cleats make its operation child’s play and don’t require much effort.

Simple Functions and Easy Operation

Low maintanence effort and plan operability characterise this ship. As such, all parts on board are made in a way that allows them to be repared or replaced anywhere in the world. Furthermore, there are no winches, only pulleys. The vast deck surfaces offer much space to work, sunbathe and relish. The low freeboard promises a pure sailing sensation and close proximity to the elements.

Despite her simple functionalities, this ship possesses excellent sailing features. The modern hull, the low weight and the large gaff rif make her a secure companion – on rough seas as well as calm inland waters. The ship is conceived so she can be sailed single-handedly problem-free and offers a high degree of safety regardless of the conditions. Even though it is relatively spartan, the equipment still offers everything you need for a multi-week cruise with your family.

Regattas, too, are the Lake Constance Pilot Cutter’s forte; her lavish sail-plan takes her through the course swiftly and lets her plane when broad reaching. With the jib leads close to the ship’s middle, your opponents will have nothing on you. Beam or broad reaching, the gaff rig unfolds so much power, you won’t need a gennaker or a spinnaker.

Easy to Transport

The mast can easily be installed manually with the help of the jib boom. The ship can be craned with straps or belts, depending on your preference. The Lake Constance Pilot Cutter is easy to transport without special equipment or authorisations due to her size of only 9 m hull length and her weight of 2.5 tonnes. Due to her reduced draught of 1.2 m, the boat rests comfortably low on the trailer. Due to her gaff rig, the mast barely stands higher than the ship and the bowsprit can be collapsed, resulting in a compact transport combination.

At the Port

At the port, the Lake Constance Pilot Cutter is definitely an eyecatcher and, thanks to her 2.55 m width, finds a space even at night in-season, when others already moor side by side. The bowsprit can easily be collapsed, which facilitates navigating through tight harbours.

The cutter also touches at small harbours and bays – thanks to her draught of a mere 1.2 m with retracted keel – which other ships can only marvel at from a distance using binoculars.

Boat Data
  • Deck Length: 9 m
  • Length: 12 m
  • Deck Width: 2.55 m
  • Keel Draught: 1.2 – 2 m
  • Weight: 2.3 t
  • Ballast: 800 kg
  • Sail Surface Close-Hauled: 78.8 m2
  • Sail Load Rating: 6.8
  • Motor Lombardini: 18 hp

Category C, B possible if requested