Very British but with Swiss precision

The cutter is built in Altnau near Lake Constance at our own shipyard. (www.holzboot.ch) Every cutter is a unicum and the semi-custom way of construction leaves enough room for individual requests. A cabin construction, cookhouse, separate toilets, navigation corner, 4-6 berths or more, foredecks, crates or stowage, different kinds of rigs are available, as well as additional windows or hatches.

The hull is planked with cedar on CNC-cut plywood frames and laminated with fibreglass and epoxy, which makes for a light and stiff hull which hardly needs maintenance. The plywood deck can be coated with anti-slide-paints, planked lengthways using Douglas-fir or teak. A strong toe rail offers steady foothold so the crew can work at ease.

The rudder blade is attached to the transom with strong fittings and can be easily removed for transportation or when beaching. The rudder blade is well balanced, so that steering always requires two fingers and the autopilot can easily steer the course.

Between cockpit and ladderway lies the locker, where the mooring line and fender disappear. The locker’s drainage leads into the self-scudding cockpit. Should water or moisture get into the locker, it doesn’t just run into the boat but out the transom into the sea. The mast and the light and fast spars are made from native spruce – trees that grow in the forest above the shipyard.

The hydraulically movable keel can be manually or electrically moved up or down. The lower setting locks the keel in its place.

A Lombardini ldw 502/ 702 is used as the engine. By request with Saildrive or Wave. This sufficiently motorises the boat. The diesel tank holds 40 litres and grants the boat a range of around 200sm. If requested, we also offer the boat with a pair of strong sweeps in the “Pure Sailing” design (without motor).

The sails are generally Kuhn Sails and are wrought from robust Dacron. However, we also offer different manufacturers, or Kuhn Sails in a different design or of different material.

The comfortable and inviting cabin…

…offers 4 lavish berths, 2 banks in the saloon with sufficient sitting height, 2 wardrobes and plenty of stowage. To the left and right of the ladderway, there is space for a pantry, a navigation table, a toilet or additional stowage.


Standard boat with sails starting at CHF 177’960.- plus VAT

Depicted model starting at 210’499.- plus VAT